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JavaScript is now stronger and more improved and JS Conferences are all about computing data, information, and knowledge, however, these conferences also offer great opportunities to the developers where they can unite (same minded folks from the web design community). Plus, JS conferences allow developers and designers to explore new methods which can help them reap better outcomes in their career.

The reason behind the success of JS conference is its active community where the developers collaborate with the masters and tech veterans in the field of web designing and development. Also, there are workshops and programs arranged to help young developers so they can learn JS frameworks and more.

Being a JavaScript developer it is important for you to stay connected to the forthcoming conferences in your city or nearby. Let’s have a look at some JS conference that no developer would skip:

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Ember JS conference is solely for ambitious young developers who wish to seek guidance at the beginning of their career. This is a 3-day conference which brings together the contributors and the visionaries that keep shaping web technology. This event happens in Portland or the USA every year and besides that, there are webinars on their website and twitter.


Vue Conference is emerging to become a star overall JS conferences. This conference happens in the US every year with the same spirit that manages to go beyond the boundaries of the web world. It is a platform where developers have to present their projects and participate in workshops. Besides that, the event covers social platforms also.


It is known as the world’s biggest Angular conference. NG conference quickly leads attendees from low mode to the party mode. Last year the event’s opening keynote unleash new Angular features and throw an awesome fun after party. It’s true that NG conference offers countless services and manages to set itself apart from other events that make it more unique. This event happens in Salt Lake City, UT, and the USA every year and besides that, the media cover the conference too.


React Europe is Europe’s original conference which tends to bring all the passionate and talented people forward. It is the top-ranked conference for front-end JS frameworks. React Europe majorly focuses on the horizon to bring it to the discussion that how futuristic tech will empower the web world and new generation. This event happens every year in Paris, France. While it also covers live streaming on their websites and social platforms like Twitter.


JS Conference spans across different countries on different dates where young and people can take part. They can present their idea and can get a chance to meet know developers to learn more. It holds workshops and campaigns that are best to embrace your web development skills. It happens every year in Berlin, Germany. Also, can follow the site and social platforms to stay connected.

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