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The War between CMYK vs RGB: what’s best?

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Colors are an inevitable part of our lives. Colors are everywhere, in everything. It makes you happy and sad both. It has a significant role in our lives and in the digital world. Conveying right message depends more on color than the context. As a designer, you must know what color system you should use for your design. The two major color systems in the digital and print design industries are the RGB color system and the CMYK color system. Working on with web designs and print designs can be tough but as soon as you know how to handle the color, it can lead you to a successful color collaboration for both web and print design. This will give a good result to your website and print designs like brochure or business cards.

The first question should be; what is RGB?

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. It’s entirely used in the digital design industry because it displays all the same colors that are used in screens, monitors, TV screens and even mobile screens. RGB is an additive color system, that lets primary colors get mixed in multiple combinations to create a much broader range of colors. Those colors are created by mixing light itself by overlying RGB light beam. With no intensity, every one of those colors apparently looks black while the entire intensity will make it seem white. It is worth telling that different powers of every shade will be creating the tint of a specific color. The results of color mixing can seem more and less saturated due to the contrast between the most and the least intensive shading.

Next question should be, RGB vs CMYK: which one? This depends upon the purpose of your medium. Are the colors you will use in the design will be posted on a website then Yes, RGB color system is best for it. This color system is used for digital designing and most normally used in web designs. Under this color, the system comes designing websites, imagery, and graphics for websites and social media purpose. Need designs in print form, for that you need to shift to CMYK system.

Now comes the part where you will know about CMYK

CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black). Black is used as a key because it is utilized in the key plate which takes for the additional purpose of contrast and detail in the final image.

It is also called the four-color process as it utilizes four different colors to create different shades. The black color helps in inventing entirely saturated black color as the other three colors combined can’t do that. The ink deducts the brightness of those four colors. Contradictory RGB system, CMYK is a subtractive color as printed in decreases the light that was supposed to reflect. The colors from the CMYK system blends throughout the procedure of printing that sometimes results in slight variations. For that purpose make sure to view printed proof at the start and then continue with the entire print.


which is the best fit? This color system is recommended for all the stuff that shall be printed, like business cards, brochures, letterheads and much more. It is the best fit for printing stuff. Whenever you want anything in print form that utilizes more than four colors then the CMYK color system is your answer. It is the only color system medium that produces accuracy when printing color photographs.

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