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Often those who are new to programming are confused between a web developer and a software engineer. While both perform quite different tasks, they are frequently thought of as the same. Let’s look at the technical definition of both to be able to differentiate between the two.

Software Engineer

A software engineer is somebody who builds the software. This software could be anything from desktop programs like Spotify or mobile web applications (such as Gmail, Facebook, Twitter). Software Engineer is often referred to as a computer programmer. The title can refer to the design, building and maintaining software and apps. Simply put, engineers build the tools that web developers deploy to create robust websites.

Web developer

A web developer is responsible for building robust web applications. Having said that, web developer deals with websites, as opposed to building an application that runs on your computer.

Why does it make a difference?

As the two performs two different tasks, knowing who does what will help you create the right website with complex functionality. While the working of both can be done by a single individual, it will put a lot of pressure on a single person and deter the quality of work.

Which position is important?

In every professional web development company, there exist a good balance of both web developers and software engineers. Having the right balance of website developers on the team can help to keep the project on track and within the stipulated budget. A web developer can be used to keep the costs as low as possible. A web developer provides excessive attention to detail making your project a shouting success. A web developer works closely to enhance usability and presentation prior to the release.

On the other hand, having engineers will ensure that the project doesn’t have any technical glitches or bottlenecks. The engineer possesses access to all the source codes and must be adaptable enough to adjust whatever is required to complete the task at hand.

How will I know that the company deploys both?

The best way to identify if a company has engineers on board is to explore if they have participated in any CMS project. If they are not contributing to society, there’s a good chance that they employ no engineers.


While web developers often work on the front lines because their interfaces are what the user foremostly see, the software engineer is less seen on the front-end but has a larger task. They provide and maintain everything that works on the back-end. On the software engineering side, the salary is a bit narrow than the web developer, but the total earnings are considerably higher in the majority of the cases.

It is the need of the modern world and the changing needs of the customer to have a team of both web developers and software engineers to enhance the working. To become the best web developer or software engineer, get the right education and spend hours to improve your working skills.


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