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As the world has advanced into a digital one, the need to have a responsive and intuitive web presence is more than ever before. It is imperative that your business has a website that is a true depiction of your value proposition, what you offer, your USP and makes you recognizable enough to attract customers.

You want a robust website for your business that possesses the power of establishing your individual brand identity. As a small business owner, chances are you don’t have an in-house team to carry out this task. Do you contact a digital marketer, a web designer or a web developer for this task? Let’s explore who does what in detail to help you choose the right one suiting your business requirements.

Web Designer

Your company’s website is your offline brand builder. It has all the important resources such as your products, company information and serves a medium to connect with the audience. A web designer works on the aesthetics part of the website. They are well-versed with the techniques to decorate your brand both visually and functionally. The goal of a web designer is to make a website visually-striking and keep bounce rates low while conversion rates high. The designers achieve this by creating an informed, results-driven and user-friendly design.

Web developer

A web developer builds the architecture of your website on the sketch given out by the web designer. Web developer translates the designer’s blueprint into an efficient, robust and functional website. Developers ensure that your website operates seamlessly not only on the outside but also integrate well with any third-party systems on the back end. In order to get hold of the preferred platform, hosting or integration, a good web developer asks lots of questions to include the customer’s view in the process.

Digital Marketer

Behind any successful organization is a savvy and exceptionally talented digital marketer who has most likely guided the image building process of the organization including the company’s website building. Digital marketer is responsible for the website’s strategy, articulation and execution and lead the project team often. They are the brain behind the entire idea of branding and are responsible for everything from creating a brand voice to picking flaws that might hinder the conversion rate. Without a digital marketer on board, your website project cannot succeed.

Tailored & well-crafted digital solutions at Webnado

Having a digital presence is more of a necessity now than an augmentation. A large share of the market is online, and you cannot miss this important chunk if you wish to succeed. Webnado is Australia’s #1 digital marketing firm providing tailored online marketing and web design and development solutions to help businesses excel. We change the spectrum of businesses with our focused solutions that are robust, intuitive and comply with the industry standards. Get a responsive website for your business or make your business name recognizable with Webnado’s specialized services.

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