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Top 5 Retail Industry Website Designs (Must Check)

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What makes a great looking retail website? Is it the eye-catchy layout? Certainly not. It’s actually the value that it’s providing to its readers with & how? And is the website the best fit for their busy schedules?

Well, this blog post will ease out all your worries with hand-picked the top 5 best retail-centric website conception for your bird’s eye view. If you are in search of tips on how to make your running e-store better than best or simply aspire to stay abreast of the current happenings in the unpredictable retail world, our blog welcome you with websites that can definitely deliver you your fix.

Needles to comment that each of these sites has got shortlisted in passing the above idea with flying colors. Let’s have a coffee mug with you & start with bookmarking the e-sites.

1. NRF News

The National Retail Federation’s “News” section is one of the most buzzing news sites with featured bulletins on retail myths & match, public policy mapping, technology and much more for the news -holic segment. But one point that would make you feel love about NRF is not only the news centric addiction hat it provides but the idea is to give their readers a wide array of readership selection to chose from as per their preferences & time-constraints. Full-fledge news articles published with top retailer storytellers discussing their great things for business & community good. A layout is superb with visible drop-down sections & compelling images.

“Our website tells compelling stories about an innovative industry that’s making a remarkable impact. We’re thrilled that NRF News has become a platform where retailers can tell those stories in their own words.”
– Matthew Shay, NRF President, and CEO


2. Retail Minded

Retail minded has been in the limelight since 2007 as the most reputable yet reliable online site to go for today’s independent retailers and SMEs with offering core news services & edification and a rigid small business support mechanism. Bold & vibrant colors signify the lively theme of the website. The catch is an ‘Order Now’ drop –down pop-up option not seen anywhere else. Testimonial section is also a good point. Moreover, it’s a one-stop -shop for the merchants & retailer solutions via the Retail Minded Magazine, Retail Minded Resource Guide and their Retail Minded Partner Program.

“As a small business owner myself, I know how hard it is and how important it is to gain trust, quality support to help run your business. Through Retail Minded, my goal is to offer small businesses the chance to quickly, easily and confidently gain this type of trusted support through our various resources and our 24/7 online blog. Fortunately, the many companies I research and work with make my job much easier – as more and more resources become available for independent retailers and small businesses in general. It’s truly an honor to help bring light to these companies, as well as offer expert insight to our dedicated readers.”

– Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, Founder, Retail Minded


3. Retail Customer Experience

As the name clearly speaks out, Retail Customer Experience is dedicated e-retailers, specializing in portraying them as a benchmark for the forthcoming retailers of how to excel in delivering superior customer service. The notion is providing the merchants with a bigger picture of customer service, which is far beyond price wars but rather than “staying aggressive requires a holistic in-depth understanding of customer changing behavior & shopping picks”. A must go for a site with trendy captions & striking imaginary.


4.Internet Retailer

Make Internet Retailer as the most popular following sites if you are planning to have an e-commerce store for you. The ultimate destination for e-com happenings & developments with informative sections on mobile e-com, marketing & tech. The most appealing part of the website is a Charts + Data” slice that’s crammed with studies and infographics, depicting the present standing & future of e-tailing.


5. CNBC Retail

Get in touch with hot gossips on big-box retail with the ever-colorful retail highlights of CNBC’s site.With exclusive hot buttons like consumer mode swings till retail stocks, everything you will get right here with live video streaming. Isn’t it just wow? So, if you have missed out your most favorite morning news segment, CNBC Retail will keep you abreast all day long.


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